A Broken Leg May Have Justin Bieber Rethinking His Soccer Career

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Maybe Biebs should just stick to the basketball court, as the pop star broke his leg this past weekend in a pickup soccer match while vacationing in Turks and Caicos.

Bieber, who was celebrating New Years at the private Parrot Cay island resort with latest fling Hailey Baldwin, took part in a game which pitted the resort staff against its guests. Before breaking his "damn" leg as he put it, Bieber showed off some passable soccer skills in his Everton kit, finding the back of the net, which in turn prompted a very Bieber like celebration. Bieber didn't let his injury put a damper on his vacation , though, as he still found time to party it up postgame with former supermodel Christie Brinkley and her daughters at a club refered to as the "Lucky House."

Luckily for us, Brinkley and her daughters were able to capture both Bieber's soccer highlights and lowlights on Instagram. Watch the Biebs in action below and hope that he gets well soon.

Image via Inquisator