Penny Hardaway's "Sharpie" Foamposite PEs Are Actually Releasing

Penny Hardaway's infamous "Sharpie" Foamposite Ones could finally be releasing to the public.

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There aren't many Foamposites out there that can rival the history of the infamous "Sharpie" version, which Penny Hardaway customized himself during an NBA game back in the day. Hardaway, himself, teased a production pair of "Sharpies" during All-Star Weekend, and now it looks like they might actually be heading to stores.

Instagram user soleudecide recently shared a handful of photos depicting a 2015 version of Penny's PEs. Using the O.G. "Royal Blue" colorway as its base, each of the silhouette's trademark grooves is filled in with black to represent the Sharpie modifications.

Thus far, rumors are pointing to these "Sharpie" Foams being released in a two-sneaker pack later this year, but make sure to check back for updated details.

UPDATE (5/25): Thanks to @zsneakerheadz, we're now able to confirm that the "Sharpie" Foamposite Ones will be releasing alongside the new Nike Air Penny 6 in a special edition package. Set for July 4, the two-sneaker pack will cost $500 and will likely serve as the introduction for the Air Penny 6. Check them out in detail below. 










[via @soleudecide and @zsneakerheadz]