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KNOW YOUR TECH breaks down the scientific technology used in your favorite sneakers and activewear. Let’s demystify your next purchase: today’s technology is the Asics Gel, the brand's staple cushioning setup. Introduced in 1986 in the form of the Asics GT-II, Gel tooling has withstood the test of time as a reliable, shock absorbing, and most importantly, comfortable midsole cushioning. Gel has been utilized on the majority of Asics' sneakers and remains the core component of the brand's performance sneakers.

What is it? Gel is a soft material inserted into the midsole of Ascis sneakers to provide shock absorption and protection. The function and performance of Gel is often compared to Nike's Air cushioning, a connection that Asics referenced in this 1990 ad.

How does it work? Placed in the forefoot, rearfoot, and in many cases, both areas, Gel helps to soften the blow as an athletes foot strikes the ground. Suitable for all sports, Gel is especially beneficial for runners. It has been found that a runner's foot impacts at a force 3-5 times their body weight, which is where Gel comes into play by absorbing the strike. This not only adds comfort but helps to prevent potential injuries.

Notable Products: GT-3000, GEL-Kayano 19, GEL-Nimbus 14

Bottom Line: If you aren't convinced by Gel's nearly three decades of popularity, try the cushioning out for yourself today.

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