The Dos and Don'ts of Pinrolling Your Jeans With Sneakers

What you should and shouldn't be doing when pinrolling your jeans.

Photo by Andy Hur

Jogger pants are a current trend in sneaker culture that's spilled over to mall brands and practically every company that has manufactured clothing in the past year. There's another look that's been catching on, and it doesn't involve buying pre-cuffed pants, either. It's pinrolling.

Some might call it pegging, or french-rolling, but this style has been around for awhile and now has a found a home amongst sneakerheads. You've probably seen people doing it on Instagram, and they're most likely from Europe. But the style has gained traction in the U.S., and people are becoming curious about it. Before you try to tighten up the bottom of your jeans, we thought we'd walk you through the process. here are The Dos and Don'ts of Pinrolling Your Jeans With Sneakers.

This is how it's done.

This article is about what to do or not to do when pinrolling jeans. Before you consider all of that, you need to know how to pinroll your jeans in the first place. Start by having your pants uncuffed. You're going to want to grab the inner inseam of your jeans, pinching it, and pulling it out. You're then going to fold it in, and grab the bottom of the pant where the fabric now overlaps. Cuff your jeans up once, while still holding close to that overlap. For the second cuff, make sure you tuck that overlap all the way in. Smooth out your cuff, and you're good to go. 

If you're a visual learner, watch this video below:

Make sure your pants aren't too slim.

Don't wear pants that are too baggy.

Don't wear pants that are too short.

Make sure your pants aren't too long

Have the right sneakers on your feet.

Make sure your cuff is clean.

Show some selvedge

Your socks need to be on point, too, or not seen at all.

Cuff them tight, but not too tight.

Chinos are fine, but stay away from trousers.