'Multicolor' Nike Flyknit Racers Are Back (Again)

The popular 'Multicolor' Nike Flyknit Racer comes back one more time.

Multicolor Nike Flyknit 2017

Image via CNCPTS

Multicolor Nike Flyknit 2017

The Nike Flyknit Racer "Multicolor" wasn't a terribly difficult sneaker to buy back in 2013, but resell prices crept up years after its release. They've since dipped back down due to successive releases—Nike brought out a new multicolor version in 2015 and then reissued the original in 2016 with a grey tongue. In 2017, Nike is at it again.

The pair shown here, which looks closest to the "Multicolor 2.0" 2015 design, will release again soon. The sneaker has appeared on release date calendars of retailers recently with an April 7 release date.

So detrimental has the consistent return of this Flyknit Racer been to secondary market prices that consignment shop Flight Club has urged sellers of the shoes to drop their prices and even sent back pairs.

Multicolor Nike Flyknit 2017 Toe
Multicolor Nike Flyknit 2017 Tongue