Preview RAL7000Studio x Gushers Crazy Custom Sneaker Before ComplexLand

ComplexLand is 24 hours away and we know you're gushing over Gushers new RAL7000Studio custom sneaker drop. So here's a preview for those who can't wait.

In anticipation of Gushers’ upcoming custom sneaker drop at ComplexLand 3.0—and another next level metaverse experience—Complex traveled to Italy to collaborate with RAL7000Studio in creating a liquid-filled, Gushers-inspired sneaker for this special partnership.

As the design collective’s most exclusive run yet, the RAL7000Studio x Gushers sneakers incorporate a myriad of materials, including blue and yellow leather, lycra, and mesh, making for an ultra-bright, colorblocked must-cop. And what would any Gushers-inspired pair of sneakers be without a liquid-filled splash patch and classic Gushers-shaped gems placed along the splash seams.

These shoes were made with everyone in mind, but only 50 pairs were created, so they’ll be hard to get. To give yourself a shot, enter for your chance to win a limited-edition pair at ComplexLand, which runs from May 25 to May 27.

Gushers Custom Sneaker Image