Brisk Zero Sugar Inspires Mache’s New Sneaker Drop

Brisk is a brand that everyone knows, and now they're giving everyone a chance to win instant prizes to celebrate the release of its newest flavor.

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From thirst-quenching moments to picnics in the park, Brisk is a brand that everyone knows. For the first time in five years, the powerhouse iced tea brand is unveiling a new national innovation: Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea.

To mark the occasion, Brisk tapped sneaker designer Mache to produce a custom pair of hand-painted shoes to show consumers how Brisk can fuel your creativity—because as the brand says, “All Great Things Start From Zero!” 

Ahead of dropping his custom Brisk-inspired shoes, Mache says, “I’m incredibly excited to be working with Brisk again after five years to support the release of the new Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea.” 

For Mache, this collaboration isn’t just about the sneakers, it’s also about self expression. “Taking inspiration from the Brisk label, I’ve created a sneaker design to illustrate firsthand how artists can unlock their own creative potential from zero and turn it into something great,” Mache explains.

Brisk Zero x Mache Collab

In honor of Brisk’s new flavor drop, the brand is shining light on the unique process individual creators and innovators embark on when bringing their work to life. In addition to its partnership with Mache, Brisk has produced a behind-the-scenes video spotlighting four up-and-coming visionaries: multimedia artist duo Riiisa Boogie and Rezones, photographer Mark Elzey, and graffiti artist Epic Uno. The video illustrates how each creator finds inspiration to turn a blank canvas—whether it be an empty page, blank wall, or brand new pair of shoes—into a work of art. 

As Brisk continues to encourage self-expression and provide a platform for creators, it is also giving consumers a chance to cop a pair of Mache’s exclusive sneakers in addition to more than 2,600 other prizes as part of its Unlock Your Zero Drop campaign. Consumers can win instantly by purchasing a Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea or other Brisk products, then going to to enter the code found under the cap.  

Five grand prize winners will take home a pair of Mache sneakers, as well as a tablet, bucket hat,  pocket T-shirt, bomber jacket, joggers, and more. It only takes opening a refreshing Brisk drink to get started, so get ready to rack up the winnings because someone is taking home a prize for the next 28 days, until May 17.