Tinashe can sing, act, and dance, and she's had a Billboard Hot 100 in "2 On," made an appearance on Empire, and recently debuted her new single, "Flame." The 24-year-old also took time out of her busy schedule to go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at the new Flight Club in Los Angeles, and she spoke her mind on everything about footwear.

In the episode, Tinashe explains why she thinks Michael Jordan's signature shoes have become so iconic over the years. She goes on to talk about Rihanna's huge success with Puma, and thinks it's important for more female artists and entertainers to getting their own sneaker collaborations. She even hinted that she should get her own sneaker next. In addition to her thoughts on MJ and Rihanna, she gives her take on dudes wearing dirty sneakers and discusses her infamous Travis Scott photo that hit the 'net a few weeks ago. In the end, Tinashe ends up spending over $1,800 on new Yeezys and Jordans.