Year released: 2007

The shoes that were released for the 25th anniversary of the AF1 were a mixed bag, but the Italian-made (not the first time — superb 2001 Lux editions were made there, too) Masterpieces were a pinnacle drop. This was a concept previewed when the likes of Fat Joe were given some mysterious 1 of 48 all-croc-skin brown Uptowns around 2005, but the silhouette’s birthday led to the limited-edition release of a white anaconda skin pair (the stuff of mid 2000s rap boasts) and different take on the croc skins. This is probably the ultimate post millennium white-on-white, and with a price tag of $2000, most of us had to make do with the free promotional DVD in lieu of ownership. Also worthy of mention is the far rarer 2002 Wieden + Kennedy promo pair supposedly made from calf hide. Given stricter rules regarding exotic skins and the potential for social media outcry, it’s unlikely that anything this obnoxiously luxurious will ever happen again.