Social networks may continue to evolve, but, as of now, Twitter is still the go-to medium for sneaker lovers. This is because the sneaker world moves at a breakneck pace, and shoes become unavailable just as quickly as they're available. Using this social platform is essential for anyone who wants to purchase sought-after footwear, but Twitter has also built a community and elevated standout personalities at the same time.

The ability to leverage clickable links and source the exact information that you need to suit your personal taste and interest makes Twitter versatile and useful for sneakersnot to mention the center of endless entertainment provided by sneakerheads going back and forth in Twitter fights.

But, it's not just about that: There's important discussion that goes on, too. Those in the know are quick to share vital information, and it's where the sneaker world commences on a daily basis. Whether you’re a reseller or an enthusiast or an industry insider, you will get what you signed up for by following these 15 Sneaker People on Sneaker Twitter.