The 2016 Remastered "Flu Game" Jordan XIIs don't release until May, but that hasn't stopped the counterfeit factories from getting a fresh batch of fakes ready ahead of time.

An Instagram user shared the above photo, which shows 16 pairs of fugazi "Flu Game" XIIs ready to be packed up. The user says the craftsmanship around the liner is a giveaway that these are fakes, but to be honest, the whole shoe looks kind of off. To make matters worse, it looks like they even got the O.G.-style box correct on these replicas, so we wouldn't be surprised if these managed to fool at least a few 'heads.

If you just can't avoid the temptation of copping early, be sure to do your homework and avoid getting burnt with a pair of these. In fact, it might be better to just wait for the official release date on May 28