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Jordan Brand's release dates have been a hot topic of discussion lately, and it looks like that will continue well into the next calendar year.

Twitter user @BALTsneakerShow, who's been known to drop early info pretty regularly, says that Jordan Brand will be abandoning release dates altogether in 2016.

Yup, you're reading that correctly — according to the Tweets, there are plans to eliminate concrete release dates in favor of a "place holder" system that will give retailers a general idea of when they should be expecting a specific sneaker. The "place holder" will only designate when the shoe is set to arrive, not when it's going to be made available to the public.

He didn't elaborate much more, but did mention that customers won't have knowledge of the drops ahead of time, saying that releases will be "random to us, planned out to them."

It's not clear if this means that each retailer will be able to release the sneakers at a time and date of their own choosing, or if Jordan Brand will still be pulling the strings, but either way, this sounds like a game changer to say the least. Stay woke.