Previously, we've reported a number of incidents involving armed robberies over Air Jordan sneakers, but this one may take the cake.

KENS5 of San Antonio says that 18-year-olds Brandon Harris and Jordan Lara committed a string of armed robberies for Air Jordans, with two of the heists actually going down on the same day. The two robbers allegedly stalked Facebook in search of unsuspecting sellers, arranging meet-ups and then pulling guns on their victims. Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend. 

According to KENS5, Harris was pulled over and arrested for a traffic violation and an unrelated warrant on July 16. He later confessed to police that he had committed four similar robberies over the course of three days, although thus far, police have only been able to confirm two of the crimes. 

Both men face aggravated robbery charges as the investigation continues. Lara is out on a $75,000 bail, while Harris remains behind bars.