Although sneaker marktetplace apps aren't exactly a new phenomenon, the latest program to throw its hat in the ring, GOAT, is taking a different approach to verify authenticity and weed out the fakes.

Now available on the iTunes App Store, GOAT isn't just another platform to sell your unwanted sneakers. After months of beta testing, GOAT is now ready to keep its buyers safe with a thorough authentication process. For any sneaker sold over $300, GOAT's team will inspect everything from the stitching to the colors to ensure that the sneakers are in fact legit. 

In the unlikely event that you do get stuck with a pair of fakes, there's no need to open a case and deal with a sketchy seller, as GOAT's Buyer Protection Guarantee allows buyers to return any sneakers found to be falsely advertised directly to the company.

If your peace of mind wasn't already valubale enough, GOAT also offers one of the lowest commissions in the resell industry at 9.5 percent. Compared to a 13 percent total with eBay and Paypal and 20 percent commission at Flight Club, you're already making more than you would anywhere else.

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