While all of those "In the Hood" prank videos have gone viral for all the wrong reasons, one YouTube prankster is trying to make it right. Big Daws of BigDawsTv went to Compton and actually gave away free pairs of Air Jordan sneakers. That's right—no strings attached, no silly business, and absolutely no pranks. Just free Js to anyone that he saw out in the streets.

Big Daws said he felt like doing something special since he's about to hit 500K subscribers on his YouTube channel, and also wanted to make the video as a response to the "Stepping on Jordans in the Hood Prank" where two other YouTube pranksters recorded themselves stepping on people's Air Jordans in the streets of NYC.

"I don't like [that] video so I kind of had the idea to make up for it by going into Compton and [giving] away retro Air Jordans," Big Daws said. "We went to Foot Locker and bought six pairs and had gift receipts put in the boxes just in case they wanted to return them for a different size or color."

Watch the video above and check out everyone's priceless reactions. Big Daws, you the real MVP.

[via BigDawsTv]