Spike Lee has played a major role in sneaker culture. From movies like She's Gotta Have It and Do the Right Thing to his infamous commercials with Michael Jordan, the famous director has played an instrumental role in putting sneaker culture on the map. Not to mention the man even has his own Jordan Brand sneaker with the Spizike.

God's Favorite DJ himself and co-host of Complex's Quickstrike DJ Clark Kent shares this sentiment.

"Spike Lee single-handedly is the reason why we have a sneaker game," he said. "As simple as it is, no one looks at that properly. No Spike Lee, no Jordan craze."

DJ Clark Kent believes Air Jordan sneakers wouldn't be the cultural phenomenon they are today without the influence of Lee, citing the infamous commercial where Mars Blackmon simply asked, "Is it the shoe?" From that single moment, the rest was history.

[via Sneaker Watch]