TROPHIES (and Nike does have some slides for that). Personally, I know these are fucking ridiculous and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing sandals in New York City streets because I value both my personal health and brand too much, but I also know that if you do wear them, you also have to rock calf-high white or black tube socks, preferably from a 12-pack you bought at Costco. You could be completely out of shape and the antithesis of an athlete, but you have to wear tube socks, dude.

Nike Sportswear previously ran these sexy "liquid metal" colorways on both the AM 1 and Air Force 1 and probably just had leftover materials and went, "Fuck it, slides are hot right now. Throw this shit on some Benassis and watch the hypebeasts go crazy." Hey man, that's what you can do when there's a swoosh on your product. It's called branding. Get with it. While I don't know anything about macroeconomic concepts, it sounds like the free market is working pretty. You can cop these exclusively at NikeLab locations on August 14th.