Everyone is aware of Rafael Nadal's dominance on clay, as he captured his record breaking ninth French Open championship, and was even honored with a special clay statue in Paris. However, his performances at Wimbledon recently have been anything but spectacular, and the world's number 1 ranked player suffered a shocking defeat today at the hands of 19-year-old Nick Kyrgios.

Austrailian Nick Kyrgios was competing in his first ever Wimbledon this year, and he wasn't expected to make it very far to say the least, as he was entered into the tournament as a wild-card. Kyrgios shocked the tennis world today, as he beat Nadal in four sets, marking the first time a teenager has taken down the world's top ranked player since Nadal did it himself back in 2005 when he beat Roger Federer at the French Open.

Kyrgios was dripped out in Nike attire during the match, rocking almost the same all-white outfit as his counterpart Nadal. This was only the fifth Grand Slam event of Kyrgios young career, and he's the youngest player competing in the field at this year's Wimbledon. He's currently ranked at 144 overall, but you could be sure that'll go up, and Nike will be sending him a shipment of fresh gear for his quarterfinal match.

The loss for Nadal is shocking because of who it was to, but the facts still remain that Wimbledon has been a weakness for Nadal recently. His loss to Kyrgios marks the third consecutive time he's been eliminated at Wimbledon before the quarters, and is struggling to win his first Wimbledon title since 2010.

Keep an eye out for Kyrgios going forward at Wimbledon as he's a young, quick, and powerful player who could turn some more heads and pull off upsets in later rounds.

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