adidas hit a home run when it created the ZX Flux. Using single piece construction with finely printed graphics, adidas was able to use the sneaker as a canvas in an innovative way, creating a captive audience for a new type of hype – with a little help from Yeezy. The question is, does lighting strike twice? 

Today we got two images of the new ZX Flux. Dubbed the ZX Flux 2.0, we see the evolution of this model into a much more structured shoe. The single piece of mesh has been replaced by at least two panels: a forefoot and a heel. Then, a leather cage supports the quarter, with a leather detail on the heel tab. The sole is still the thin white unit with some structural elements. Lately the ZX Flux has come to be synonymous with graphic color, but the two CWs we see for the 2.0 are an all black, and a cool grey. Further iterations remain to be seen.

Not set to release until August, your can preorder the ZX Flux 2.0 via, a German sneaker store, right now. If they show up in the US, we’ll be sure to let you know.