Remember when we found out the CEO of Modell’s is a top shelf Baller? Turns out his sister-in-law is, too.

In response to Abby Modell’s suit against him for expensing too much, Modell’s CEO, Mitchell Modell, has shot back with claims that Abby was just as bad – if not worse – as him. According to his claims, when Abby’s husband, the late Michael Modell, was CEO of Modell’s she racked up some intense bills. Including, but not limited to, $200k in gym memberships, $620k on limos, and $448k in vacations all around the world. The catch? She wasn’t even an employee.

He hasn't filed a countersuit yet, so this is just public fighting for the benefit of flinging mud. Looks like this fight is getting down and dirty.

Abby's lawyer's response? “This matter involves sensitive and personal information, and We intend to try our case in the courts, not the media.” Tell that to the CEO.

[via NYPost]