UFC fighter Johny Hendricks is probably feeling pretty banged up right now. But nothing can wipe the smile and joy off of his face as he captured the vacant welterweight championship last night, in Dallas, in an absolute war with fellow brawler Robbie Lawler.

The Reebok sponsored Hendricks undoubtedly trained diligently for months leading up to his fight and the ZQuick was Bigg Rigg's footwear of choice during that period. In a recent interview with Complex Sports, Hendricks shared his feelings about the shoe and Reebok stating the ZQuick is, "Light and able to adapt to different terrain," and that Reebok is "a family-oriented place. They treat me like family." 

It sounds like Hendricks and Reebok have found a pretty harmonious partnership with one another. Let's just hope their relationship doesn't end as abruptly as the one Reebok had with Quentin "Rampage" Jackson.

[via Reebok

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