Allen Iverson represented in hip-hop and in the NBA. His braids, loose-fitting clothes, and Reebok sneakers connected with a generation of kids and rappers. For a commercial spot on his Answer V sneaker, Reebok got Jadakiss to rep Iverson through a few bars. As Iverson crossed up imaginary defenders in the commercial, Jada spit, "All you need is a pair of these, nothing else." Jada would also be featured in a commercial for Iverson's following sneaker, the Answer 6. It's great that Jada was able to boost up Iverson with his rhymes, but Jada wasn't being truthful about his love for Reebok. In recent interviews, Jada has expressed how he's "been a Jordan fan for life," and even has been spotted in a pair of Air Jordan XIIs when chilling with the Reebok general himself, Swizz Beatz. Jada did, however, slip into a pair of Reeboks for a recent Allen Iverson event. As soon as the event was over, Jada was quickly back on his steady flow of wearing Jordans and talking about how much they mean to him. Even though Jada claims to keep an extra pair of Reeboks in his car, it's more likely he has them to switch out of his Jordans.