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Category: Trail Running
Best For: Wet, Snowy, Off-Road Conditions
Star Feature:
Weight: 7 oz
Drop: 4mm

Cold weather and snow doesn’t mean bundle up with a hot chocolate and sit on the couch. Get the confidence to go back outside and take advantage of the winter season. Although it may seem difficult to keep up with those runs, the Icebug Accerleritas 3 leaves you with no excuse.

Icebug wasn’t a brand I was familiar with so that made me a little more eager and excited to try them out. Before lacing up, I thought it would be important to get a little background information on the company. Icebug is a Swedish based company that really found their niche in 2001 after teaming up with quasi Canadian/American Sid Kastner, the inventor of Icebugs dynamic “always on traction” stud technology. So long story short - Swedish parent company, North American technology and tested in both Canada and Sweden, two places with pretty challenging winter terrains.

Here's how the Icebug Acceritas 3 stacked up.


First Impression

My first impression of the Acceleritas3 was a confused, sort of thrown off “huh?”  I thought I had just opened the box to a really bright pair of soccer cleats (because that’s exactly what they look and feel like) until I checked out the sole. The studs were too thick and rubber doesn’t make the best soccer sole.



The shoes fit true to size, are extremely light, thin and narrow. They feel very similar to a soccer cleat but have the flexibility of a running shoe.



The 4mm drop leaves you with enough depth to sense and absorb the impact of the ground beneath you but not enough to wear you lose the sense of where or what you’re putting your feet on. Knowing the difference between the trail, sticks, wet rocks and ice is important while trail running because it allows us to be somewhat conscious of where are feet are going.



These shoes are very light and thin. The “Acceleritas 3 is minimalism the Icebug way” as their website states and its safe to back that up. The light weight material helps the shoe weigh in at 7 Oz allowing you to fly through trails.



The Acceleritas 3 is made with a non-absorbing ripstop nylon upper, which seemed to work well through snow covered woods. This material is also non-abrasive so the shoe will be protected by any of the rough wooded elements.

Although the shoes are non-absorbing, this doesn’t mean that they keep the inside of the shoe dry. If you run though snow or water, your feet do get wet, but the shoe won’t absorb and hold any of the water making them heavier.



These runners feature a rubber studded sole made with Icebugs new Rubber 9 Extreme or RB9X compound. This rubber compound has been specifically designed to provide very high friction on wet surfaces like rocks or pavement. Although the rubber compound gives you such high reliability on wet, icy surfaces, Icebug prides themselves on creating a shoe that allows for optimal control both on trails and roads, leaving you with a summer or winter runner.


Final Verdit

These shoes have a very special technology that any winter outdoorsmen should take advantage of, especially for the dedicated runner who will make it out on the road every day.

Bottom Line: If you’re an avid runner looking to stay outdoors and enjoy the winter scenery your summer runners won’t do the trick. It’s time to invest in Icebug.


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