Move over Lululemon—there’s a new player in the women’s sportswear apparel game.

Ok, so maybe Fabletics has a long ways to go before it can truly compete with a sportswear giant like Lululemon, but the apparel brand is created by Hollywood royalty, so it has to be legit, right?

Seeing a need for creating “hip styles and amazing quality” at an affordable price (or maybe just the need to have very own apparel line), award-winning actress Kate Hudson has ventured into the world of sportswear by co-founding her Fabletics brand through the customized-shopping company JustFab Inc.

Designed specifically for the ladies, the Fabletics collection features an array of workout apparel and accessories designed to inspire women to workout, and to help them look good and feel comfortable while doing it. While Fabletics mainly caters to categories like running, cycling, training, and yoga, the collection features a pretty versatile design suitable for virtually any form of physical activity.

Check out the entire collection at Fabletics.

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