If you were to pay a visit to your local sneaker shop, or even peruse the webisite of your favorite footwear brand, you’d be hard-pressed to find a shoe designed specifically for the art of parkour. But that may all change soon with the introduction of the Ollo Sapien parkour and freerunning shoe.

Ok, you probably still won’t find a pair of the Ollo Sapien shoes at your local retailer (at least in the U.S. anyway), but this should come as good news for traceurs everywhere.

After a successful KickStarter campaign in 2012, footwear brand Ollo quickly rolled out its flagship shoe, the Sapien, which is designed to work seamlessly with your feet to help get up, over, and around any obstacles that you come across. The shoe features high-grade rubber compound outsole that is durable and offers ground-hugging grip perfect of climbing up walls. Its leather and textile air mesh upper is contoured to fit snug, particularly in the heel—a trait inspired by rock climbing shoes.

Priced at $48, the Ollo Sapien is currently available for pre-order. The shoe is expected to ship out in about a week from now on August 30, 2013.

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