It may feel like it was just yesterday that LeBron was just a high school kid gracing the cover of magazines and driving Hummers to practice, but believe it or not The King has been in the league for 10 years now. And before LeBron played his first NBA game he already had a sneaker deal, one of the most lucrative of all-time. Each year Nike has had the difficult task of trying to create for LeBron what it created for Jordan plus the fact he is a point guard in a center’s body. As LeBron’s 10th year winds down and he approaches his 30s its time to think about the future — sneaker future that is. We have all the faith that Nike will continue to create classic kicks every season no. 6 is in the lineup, but when can we expect a return of some of those earlier sneaks? Hit the gallery to check out 10 Reasons Why Nike Needs To Start Retroing LeBrons and if they need any sample testers, holla.