Dick’s Sporting Goods continues their spring #RunFor campaign that encourages runners across the country to share their stories and explain what motivates them to run. The program will last for thirteen weeks, and runners are invited to add their voice at Dick’s Facebook page.

Sally, at 25, was stricken with overwhelming grief at the loss of her husband who fought an aggressive form of cancer. Work became a dreadful routine, and doors for hope and excitement instantaneously shut. However, Lisa, a friend and coworker, introduced her to running. Tackling a mile the first time, she suddenly became addictive to running, and continues to join Lisa in participating a marathon a month. Sally tackles the outside terrain in her Nike Flyknit Lunar 1's as Lisa sports Nike Women's Free Run 3's.

Check out Sally's full story here or by following the link below.

[Dick's Sporting Goods]

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