We’ve seen a lot of wild looking Zigtech outsoles from Reebok in recent years, but the brands latest creation, the ATV 19+ certainly takes the cake.

Reminiscent of something out of a Sci-Fi movie, the ATV 19+ features an unconventional sole that uses an irregular lug pattern designed to take on virtually any surface—whether it’s mud, snow, grass, or asphalt. As the name of the shoe indicates, the ATV 19+ is modeled after all-terrain vehicles, including high-traction tires, a wide stance, and an independent suspension system achieved through the 19 beveled lugs (each at a 23-degree angle) for support and stability.

The shoe has a reinforced toebox and heel counter to keep you protected against debris, while the ballistic mesh upper provides a snug and secure fit.

The ATV 19+ probably won’t win you any style points, but in terms of performance, there may be something to the unconventional design of the shoe—guess we’ll  just have to wait until we try it out before we can knock it.


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