Year Released: 1986

I loved the Edbergs because I love green-yellow shoes. I wish I had something a little more cool than that, but I don't. I have no idea why I liked green and yellow shoes. I think it's the duck sauce-mustard syndrome again. Back then (and even now), there are certain colorways you see all the time. Green and yellow has never been one of them, so I guess to me these were a way to flavor something other cats would be unlikely to wear. Other green-yellow shoes I have loved along the way were the Spotbilt X-Press and the New Balance 491, which popped in a lot of different colorways, green-yellow among them. When Nike owned Savier and did a kindasorta Air Trainer in green-yellow, I almost bought it just because of the color. In 1986, I wanted Lendls (coming up) in green-yellow, so I bought Edbergs. Stefan Edberg wore Lendls before he had a signature shoe. I am guessing that when he got his own shoe, he wanted something that looked like Lendls. So Adidas gave him something that looked like Lendls. Except they were green and yellow (Hopefully someone at Adidas, said "hey man, is anyone else concerned that these look too much like Lendls?"). The overall Edberg package was kinda eh. I just threw away an old Edberg track jacket. It was made of crinkle nylon and made me feel like Jerry Stiller visiting Del Boca Vista Retirement Community.