When the 2011-12 NBA season finally kicks off on Christmas Day — well, you won't see Kemba Walker quite yet. Kemba's Bobcats start their season the next night, the 25th, against the Milwaukee Bucks. This means the Bronx native's NBA career will kick off against Under Armour teammate Brandon Jennings, which is fitting after a summer filled with get-to-know-you-better commercials (check Kemba's below) from UA for both guys. Before you see the 9th overall pick on the floor, we got to ask him a couple of questions. Peep.

What shoe will you be wearing this year?
The Micro G Jukes

What have you been doing this past summer/fall?
Just working out, I've been doing some camps and clinics and stuff like that in Connecticut, and I've just been around with Under Armour. That's really about it.

You got drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats, which are owned by Michael Jordan, and you wore Jordans at UConn. Did you feel any pressure to sign with Nike/Jordan Brand?
No, not at all I've been wearing Jordan all my life and Nike all my life but at this point, it's a business. It's not about that. I've made a great decision going in with Under Armour because they fit me so much as a person. I think if I would've went Nike or Jordan I would've made a bad decision, because Under Armour is all about me, building around me.

Who's your favorite player of all-time and why?
My favorite player is Carmelo, that's just a guy I've been rocking with since he was at Syracuse. I've always been a big fan of melo.