Yup, you read that right — an original pair of 1985 Air Jordan 1s in the ever-popular white/black/red colorway sold for a mere $29.97. And these were a size 9.5 too, not some kid's Sky Jordans or one-off size 19s. The catch? (Of course there's a catch.) They sold for that much back in 1985 or '86, when JC Penney marked them down from the original $64.99 retail price. (Yes, they sold Air Jordans at JC Penney.) There's a reason skateboarders gravitated to the original Air Jordans, and it wasn't just the high-cut, the durability or the flashy colors. No, after the original run of Air Jordans sold out quickly, Nike produced more — a lot more — and a lot of those found their way to clearance racks. Now, of course, you'll have to pay a bit more.

[via eBay]