Each Tuesday and Thursday, we reach out to the Complex community and ask our followers to Twitpic the sneakers they're wearing that day. Some followers are so consistent in tweeting heat that we select them for our Twit-Kicks All-Star column, a post where they break down the top 10 sneakers in their closet. This week it's Sean Hiatt's turn. Check out @SeanyAdventurer's collection by hitting the jump, and don't forget to keep photographing your weekly kicks and sending them in—you could be the next All-Star.

Twitter alias: @SeanyAdventurer

Following: 307

Followers: 326

Real name: Sean Hiatt

Location: Ravenna, Ohio

Day job: Photographer, musician, and student

Last sneaker purchased: Nike Air Max LeBron VII "Red Carpet"

Prized sneaker in collection: Air Jordan Retro IV "Cement"

Holy grail: Nike Air Yeezy "Zen Grey"

Approximate size of sneaker collection: 45

How it is that you have such a solid collection? "Hard work and patience. Nothing comes easy, especially in my size [6]. It took months to find some of my favorite pairs, and when I did, I was ecstatic. A sneaker to me is comparable to a guitar because not every sneaker feels, looks, or is worth the same. The feeling you get when you find one of my must-haves is what keeps me going."