"Yeah, back in the day, my brother would wear a lot of Sergio and Vanderbilt, Guess, and all that kind of shit—back when it was only the sleeveless vest shirts and stuff like that. My brother was a very cool cat. He was really like the black version of, uh who's the guy that was in Karate Kid that who was the preppy asshole? He's in Hot Tub TIme Machine, too. That guy. It's William-something. But anyway, that's how my brother used to dress and look. And he wasn't an asshole, but he had the asshole uniform. And Le Coq Sportifs were the shoes he used to wear, and I used to love it because it was a French shoe. It had a different name, and was such a different shoe. And nobody at school were wearing that type of shit. And one day, he let me wear them. They were probably two sizes too big, so I put on some socks and wore them every day. And everyone would ask me, 'What kind of shoes are those?' Then he never let me wear them again, because I got them dirty. So everyone was like, 'You need to rock those shoes! Wear those shoes again!' And then people realized they weren't mine. From that point on, I didn't wear anyone else's shoes."