"This was really one of the first Timberlands I loved. I'm not really a big boot guy, but this shoe was clean. I thought they did a great job, Frank the Butcher and the guys over there put together a crazy shoe. The whole Black Ops package was crazy, but the boot in particular was great. It was winter time, I had a lot of overseas traveling to do, and I found that a Jordan is not necessarily the best winter shoe to wear. I needed something thicker and heavier, and just in time, Concepts came out with the boot. It was crazy because it hit right before the whole all-black-everything craze hit. The timing on this boot was bananas. And once again, another great job from Concepts, who always do incredible collaborations. Usually Frank will call me to say, 'Yo, we've got this shoe coming, and it's hot.' So I'll see what it looks like, and for this one I was like, 'Yo, as soon as you get that shoe, send it over.' He was like, 'Really? Bun? Timbs? 6" Timbs?' I'm like, 'That's a badass boot, homeboy. I will put some black 501s on top of that and break they ass off with this. That's a lifetime shoe."