Summertime is hard to beat. It doesn’t get much better than soaking up sunshine at the beach, sitting around a campfire in the woods, or just escaping the heat by hanging out at home. In fact, any of those activities are better than time spent at school or work. The weather at this time of year also provides the perfect excuse to take a break from reality, so most people are counting the down the months until that magic season finally arrives. But why spend time waiting when there is an instant shortcut to summer? We’re talking about summertime movies, and luckily for you, we’ve rounded up this list of the best summer movies to watch.

The season is made for feeling like a kid, spending days and nights at the beach, the pool, or someone's backyard, but there is no shame in indulging in another summer pastime: going to the movies. We looked back to summer films new and old to put together this list. Sure, you might want to hit the hot pavement and have some fun in the sun, but don’t shy away from using some of that time off to lounge around and watch a movie or two. A little escapism is good for the soul, and too much time spent outdoors means you’re more likely to get a sunburn.

From big vacation-time thrillers to summertime spoofs, this list of best summer movies spans action, adventure, comedy, and more, so it won’t be difficult to find something that you love. It’s tricky to pick the best summer movies, because so many exist, but we made sure to include some classics you might have forgotten about and some you might have been waiting for the right time to watch. That time has finally come. So, pull up your comfiest chair, crack open a cold one and feel the warm rush of summer as you watch your way through this list of the summer flicks to enjoy now and forever.