Director: Cameron Giles
Stars: Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Hell Rell, Funkmaster Flex, J.R. Writer, 40 Cal, Damon Dash

A critic's take: “With dialogue that sounds like it was improvised, abandoned, and then half-remembered through a chronic-induced haze, acting which redefines the words 'amateurish,' 'dull,' and 'ineffectual,' and a storytelling style that avoids logic, meaning, or clear character motivation, Killa Season is the worst kind of entertainment industry ego trip.” - Bill Gibron (Pop Matters)

Why it's bad (meaning good): To fully grasp Killa Season’s ironic greatness, one needs an already built-in appreciation for the always entertaining and often comical ignorance of Cam’ron and the whole Dipset crew. With that understanding in tow, the experience of watching Cam’s totally unnecessary directorial debut becomes a delightful exercise in Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque laughs.

Loosely based on Cam’ron’s own life (or we think), Killa Season finds the purple-loving Harlem native playing a hustler named Flea, whose life is one huge pain in the ass. The cops routinely hound him, his young niece gets iced over a Papa John’s pizza, and his grandfather dies, which inspires Flea to deliver the old man’s eulogy as an extended rap verse.

It’s not as if Cam was trying to mimic Martin Scorsese, though, so Killa Season's amateurishness and camcorder production values are excusable; even Beanie Sigel and company attempted to shoot movies that look and feel like actual movies with those equally bad State Property flicks. But do any other rapper-driven “hood movies” have a sequence in which two girls poop drugs out of their asses? We think not.

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