50. Pittock Mansion

Address: 3229 NW Pittock Dr.
City: Portland, Ore.
Website: pittockmansion.org

A 22-room French chateau in the hills overlooking downtown Portland built in 1922, the Pittock Mansion was the site of only two deaths (original residents Georgiana [1918; age 72] and Henry Pittock [1919; age 84]) and one political scandal (Pittock was able to get a water line installed to the mansion at the city's expense, despite the property being outside city limits), but since being opened to the public in 1965, it's been host to a number of ghost sightings, including floating old ladies, boots walking without legs, portraits moving of their own accord, windows opening and shutting themselves, and, perhaps most improbably, a tree with a face in it. The Mansion was also where the 1982 slasher film Unhinged and Madonna's 1993 answer-to-Sharon-Stone's-Basic-Instinct clunker Body of Evidence were filmed.