Brampton’s own Rupi Kaur has announced her upcoming world tour, starting with stops in 41 cities across North America in 2022. Familiar with the stage, Kaur recently released Rupi Kaur Live, a recording of her 2019 tour, on Amazon Prime. This tour, however, will be her biggest yet. An icon in her own right, Kaur continues to evolve and grow as an artist and performer. Audiences will get the chance to see performances of unpublished pieces along with works from her latest book home body, and classic pieces from her celebrated books milk and honey and the sun and her flowers. Kaur’s magnetic energy and themes of love, personal loss and growth, migration, heartbreak, mental health, and more will take centre stage. Tickets for the tour will go on sale on Dec. 3rd at 10 a.m. ET.

I’m excited to take my readers on a longer and deeper journey,” Kaur tells us about what she’s most looking forward to bringing to her upcoming performances. “I’m excited just to get out there and see everyone again. I miss that magnetic energy that’s created between performer and the audience.” Her performances are known incorporate universal themes of life, weaved together with original music scores and immersive projections.

While the tour will begin it’s first leg in the U.S. and Canada, Kaur will be connecting with fans globally, making stops in Mexico, the UK, and Europe. She describes performing for her readers as something she’s been yearning for since the pandemic started. ”It’s a feeling that’s so unreal it’s hard to describe. I think I’m going to walk onto stage for that first show and just ball my eyes out cause it’s been so long. I feel so lucky to be connected to such a thoughtful community of readers. They’re beyond sweet, emotionally intelligent, brilliant, and so special.”

Kaur has spent the last two years creating, growing, and preparing for this big journey ahead. “A tour involves a lot of physical and mental preparation. I’ve been trying to keep myself mentally healthy with consistent exercise, which is the only thing that helps with my anxiety. I’ll be meditating regularly to ground myself. I’m still writing new pieces so I guess I’ll keep doing that until it feels right, and then time to memorize an hour and a half of poetry! From there, it’s all rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal until we hit the road.”

Her audience is her priority, and she hopes to ignite feelings of connectivity and warmth within them. “Like always, I’m a huge advocate of letting people interpret art in whatever feels authentic to them. I do hope that those seeing me perform for the first time are immersed in a world that really redefines what poetry is for them. Above all, I want them to have the best time! I want to laugh together and feel joy together. I want them to leave the show feeling connected and fuller.”

Tickets for Rupi Kaur’s world tour will go on sale this Friday, Dec. 3rd. More info can be found on her website.