Mainstream credits: Family Matters (1989-1993)
Adult credits: Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas! (2000), Chillin' With Jake Steed's Freaks, Whoes & Flows 25 (2001)
Circumstance: Mainstream actress turned adult film star

If Foxworth's story had a tabloid headline, it might be "URKEL MADE ME DO PORN." The actress played Judy Winslow, youngest member of the family at the center of the sitcom Family Matters. But as Jaleel White's uber-annoying Steve Urkel rose in prominence from being a recurring character (in season one) to a regular (season two onward), Judy had less and less to do on the show.

As Urkel-mania was running wild, Foxworth reportedly asked for a raise—bad idea. She did not survive season four; as one account puts it, she "went upstairs and never came back down." In 2000, it was discovered she was starring in adult films under the alias Crave.