Kylie Jenner is facing backlash after she promoted a $60,000 GoFundMe for celebrity makeup artist Samuel Rauda and only apparently chipped in $5,000 herself.

TMZ reports that Rauda was involved in a bad car accident and needed to undergo brain surgery. He’s currently in the hospital, and his family started the online fundraiser to help with medical expenses. Jenner shared the GoFundMe to her Instagram Story and encouraged her fans to contribute to it. “Swipe up to visit his families [sic] go fund me,” she wrote, per Page Six. Under the list of top donations, someone named “kylie jenner” gave $5k. But fans thought that Jenner—who has worked with Rauda before—could have footed the whole bill, given the fact that she’s worth millions.

“We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to each and everyone who has donated or sent prayers in support of Samuel,” organizer Johanna Portillo wrote on the page on Saturday. “We have felt the love and know that your continued prayers for healing are very much appreciated. It has been uplifting to witness how Sam not only brought a ray of shine to our lives but to many across the world.” She continued, “It has been a week since Sam’s accident. It has not been easy. In the midst of it all, Sam continues to fight, showing us how strong he truly is. Please continue to send prayers his way.”

The goal of Rauda’s fundraiser was later increased from $60k to $120k, and as of Sunday, has reached $97k. Rauda has also previously worked with Bella Thorne, Bebe Rexha, Olivia Culpo, Doja Cat, and more.

Forbes named Jenner to be the world’s “youngest self-made” billionaire in 2019 when she was 21 years old. The publication pulled the title last year though, saying that, “Kylie’s business is significantly smaller, and less profitable, than the family has spent years leading the cosmetics industry and media outlets, including Forbes, to believe.”