Following the launch of the highly interactive and quite enjoyable website centered around the upcoming release of The Matrix: Resurrections, moviegoers yearning for just a few bread crumbs pertaining to the fourth installment in the franchise were satiated with various teaser footage, depending on the time of day you entered the site and whether you chose the blue or red pill. 

Given the 180,000 possible variations available, we cannot tell you if our viewing experience was the same as yours, but what we can confirm is that Keanu Reeves has made approximately zero concessions when it comes to his appearance.

Below, we have our first glimpse at Keanu as Neo, and it’s worth pointing that out since the image could’ve been ripped from a red carpet appearance, taken from John Wick, or borrowed from Reeves’ scene-chewing turn as a (hopefully) preposterous version of himself in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe.  

Warner Bros. initially announced in late 2019 that the studio intended on confusing viewers by turning May 21, 2021 into “Keanu Reeves Day” by releasing Matrix Resurrections and the fourth entry in the John Wick franchise on the same day. Since the pandemic put a pause on all productions, Resurrections included, Lionsgate was forced to push the theatrical release of John Wick 4 to May 27, 2022. 

Regardless, the immediate response to the first Matrix 4 look was unanimous—Keanu just looks like John Wick in Martix Resurrections: