Ahead of the premiere of the highly-anticipated Gossip Girl revival debuts on HBO Max, a new trailer has arrived.

Soundtracked by Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange track “Super Rich Kids,” the latest trailer for the show provides a closer look at the new cast. Showing off plenty of huge, very expensive-looking parties and the omnipresent threat of Gossip Girl herself, played once again by Kristen Bell. The show also stars Emily Alyn Lind, Savannah Smith, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Jordan Alexander, and Zion Moreno among others.

Promising a more diverse cast, and a modern look at how social media has changed since the original Gossip Girl aired, the revival was developed by showrunner Joshua Safran. Karena Evans, who has directed a number of music videos for Drake and worked on Snowfall, directed the first two episodes of the new series, and in a recent interview with Complex, she said Safran’s take on the show is what drew her to the project.

“What I was very excited about is what Josh Safran, the showrunner, wanted to do with the new evolution of Gossip Girl, was ensure that it is in fact an evolution,” she explained. “That was taking on the responsibility of maintaining what is beloved, what is precious about the original Gossip Girl, the heart and the essence of the original, but ensuring that now it reflects the world in which we actually live, which is inclusive and is diverse and is queer and is all of the things that is almost indescribable about it, that makes it so incredible. That’s what I was most excited about."

Gossip Girl arrives on HBO Max July 8.