After a sixth grader applauded Joe Biden’s COVID response on a recent episode of Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade made it clear there was no room for such opinions on his morning show—effectively attempting to school the poor kid. 

On the show’s kid-led panel Wednesday morning, Philadelphia student Mason Seder told the host that his school is still remote, but that teachers are doing a “great job” despite the circumstances. 

“Mason, you’re trying so hard to get your teachers and everybody to understand how bad it is learning at home. How close are you to getting back in the room?” Kilmeade asked. “What do you miss most about not being in school?” 

The courageous Mason took the opportunity to share that he misses his friends and after-school programs, but that he’s “very, very close” to returning to school. “And I think that the way that our new president is handling things is a very good way and we would not have gone to this if it were still the last president,” he said.

But Kilmeade wasn’t going to let the comment slide on his show, responding with a quick ‘Really?”

“That’s hard to believe because the last president was saying ‘I want every kid back in school.’”

As expected, people field day online, poking fun at the Fox host for his clapback attempt directed toward a child. Check out what viewers had to say below.