Trying a new hobby or sport can be fun and sometimes, it can be humbling. For those who are curious about golf or, are up for a challenge, the opportunity to take a swing will happen at ComplexCon.

The November 6-7 Long Beach, California festival is giving attendees an IRL opportunity to experience the best in music, fashion, and food. The Eastside Golf simulator will also invite interested ones to step into a comfortable environment to test out their swing.

The LA-based Black-owned golf apparel company is also teaming up with Coinbase to give ComplexCon visitors a chance to purchase golf merch and an NFT through the Coinbase wallet.

Eastside Golf founders Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl A. Cooper met at Morehouse College where they formed a friendship and won a national golf championship together. The mission of Eastside Golf is to inspire culture, promote diversity and lead with authenticity. Their goal is to make golf more attractive to a diverse, younger generation.

Be sure to check out the Eastside Golf golf simulator at ComplexCon.