While we're patiently waiting for the live-action remake of Disney's Lion King, it's the live-action Aladdin remake that's causing a ruckus right now. No, not because of that selfie Will Smith posted with the cast; it's the fact that they've added a white character to a movie that had none.

Billy Magnussen (The Big ShortIngrid Goes West) has been cast as a character named Prince Anders, who definitely wasn't in the 1992 Aladdin or in, as The Independent points out, the original Aladdin and the Magic Lamp folk story didn't include any white character either. This, as per usual, has people lobbing whitewashing claims at Disney, similar to what happened with Naomi Scott, a biracial British actress who is not of Arab descent who was cast as Princess Jasmine.

As per usual, this caused an uproar on Twitter, with many calling Disney into question for the casting decision.

As of now, Disney has not released any statements regarding the addition of Prince Anders or why a white actor was added into the movie. Without word from Disney regarding why this was necessary, it's hard to not speculate on WHY this would happen.

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