When Prince Akeem journeyed to the U.S. to find his queen in the cult classic Coming to America, he brought more than his best friend Semmi with him. The heir to a fictional African throne ushered in a new definition of grace, prestige and royalty to both cinema and pop culture as a whole. When the film hit theaters in June 1988 it ushered in a new era of Black romantic comedies while also broadening the audience’s definition of Black excellence and nobility.

Now, more than 30 years later, the long-awaited sequel, streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting March 5, will pick-up where the original left off. And helping to tell this new chapter is Crown Royal, which serves as the film’s premier sponsor. The partnership makes perfect sense as both brands are steeped in a rich history of perseverance, diversity, and sustaining a legacy.

That through line permeates the story of Coming 2 America as King Akeem looks to complete his royal bloodline by seeking out his long lost son who will be the next in line as ruler of Zamunda. That is the essence of Crown Royal’s mantra of celebrating the New Royalty. Growing up outside of the royal family, Akeem’s son will have to work hard to earn his place among the King’s court the same way his father will have to work to make up for lost time in his life. This parallel aligns seamlessly with Crown Royal’s commitment to celebrating diversity in all forms.

Throughout the month of February, Crown Royal is honoring various heroes within the Black community under the banner of #BlackRoyalty. As part of that mission, the brand has tapped Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter to produce a limited-edition Crown Royal pack that brings the worlds of Crown Royal and Coming 2 America together in a unique and impactful way.

With the long-awaited sequel just on the horizon, fans are looking forward to revisiting the iconic cast and experiencing memorable moments of New Royalty. With Crown Royal as a dedicated and complimentary partner the reunion is destined to be a royal affair.

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crown royal coming to america partnership
Image via Crown Royal