Often cited as “the Godfather of Streetwear,” Fragment Design founder Hiroshi Fujiwara has partnered with computer manufacturer MSI to release a laptop tailor-made for creatives. Sleek, all-black, and incredibly rare, the Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition comes with all the bells and whistles techies typically look for in MSI’s flagship device, except now it has an elevated design that perfectly captures the unique tastes and feelings stylish creatives crave.

Bearing Fujiwara’s signature lightning bolt logos, the laptop itself represents the notion that tech and lifestyle are one in the same, and that an essential tool should be just as stylish as the person carrying it. As a callback to Fujiwara’s unmistakable aesthetic, the limited edition bundle includes a black-on-black version of MSI’s Creator Z16, along with a matching sleeve bag, mouse, and mouse pad. Retailing for $2,699, only 500 units will be made available in the United States.

Speaking to why he chose to partner with MSI, Fujiwara, who in the past has collaborated with fashion brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Maserati, describes laptops as “indispensable tool[s].” Fujiwara says, “the first computer I ever bought was a laptop. I still do 90% of my work on my laptop. Its portability is an obvious advantage because it allows me to work in the living room or in bed.”

Hiroshi Fujiwara MSI Laptop Music
Image via MSI

At times, that work likely falls in line with things you’d expect from a world renowned designer—sketching, revising, annotating, and presenting. But the Creator Z16 is fully equipped to handle Fujiwara’s other interests, which notably include producing and performing music.

The device’s long list of specs include a QHD+ touch display, NVIDIA GeForce® RTX3060 Laptop GPU, an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, and a design composed of mostly rigid lines to complement its modern CNC-milled aluminum chassis. It also features a mini-LED display and keyboard, which makes the keyboard pop a little more than usual now that it’s encased in a near matte black exterior. 

As for why he chose to swap the Creator Z16’s standard grey exterior for something darker, Fujiwara explains, “the laptop’s body was black, which is a color I like. I didn’t want the logo to stand out too much, but for it to blend in. I’m sure this [minimal] design will be well received by the people who know me.”

The Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition is available now at the MSI store and other select retailers like Newegg. The original Creator Z16 is also available for a special holiday promo price now. No matter which of these technological marvels catches your eye, be sure to grab one for yourself so you can stream, create, or game in style before it’s too late.

Hiroshi Fujiwara MSI Laptop Side
Image via MSI