MSNBC host Brian Williams got some Twitter love late on Thursday after he seemingly trolled Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's Mar-a-Lago meeting by debuting an "exclusive video" from their meet-up. Instead of actually showing anything from the pair's meeting on Thursday, in which they reportedly discussed the 2022 midterms, among other topics, Williams shared an iconic clip from Jerry Maguire.

On Thursday it was reported that McCarthy had met with Trump at his Palm Beach, Florida resort, and many viewed the meeting as McCarthy pledging his allegiance to Trump as a good portion of the Republican party tries to move on following the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. Joined by comedian Baratunde Thurston and political pundit Bill Kristol, Williams let his guests and viewers know they're about to see "what I'm told is the first exclusive video out of this meeting today between McCarthy and Trump."

The clip in question was the scene in which Tom Cruise tells the film's love interest, played by Renée Zellweger, "You complete me." Williams, playing it straight, immediately chimed in after the brief video played. "Obviously we have rolled the wrong clip," Williams said, without a hint of a smile. "I thought this was going to be of the McCarthy and Trump meeting and someone's gonna be, of course, in big trouble."

After playing the clip, Williams contemplated whether McCarthy went to the meeting due to fears the GOP has lost a good portion of its voter base as some Republicans turned their back on Trump. "Brian, I'm still recovering from the video clip," Thurston laughed. "Thank you and I'm mad at you right now for making me break so much."

Check out reactions to the amusing moment below.