Now that Friends is no longer available on Netflix, The Office is the heavyweight champion emeritus of the streaming service [Ed note: at least until the series travels to Peacock in the very near future]. In 2019, it was the #1 most watched program across all streaming platforms, with subscribers collectively viewing over 52 billion minutes of the show.

But despite its overwhelming popularity today, it's easy to forget that the show was nearly canceled after its first season. When it debuted, it received mixed reviews and unfavorable comparisons to the original BBC version starring Ricky Gervais. But beginning with the second season, the writers did away with some of the meanness and cruelty. They incorporated warmth and humanity into the characters' personalities, particularly Michael Scott's. A little sweetness mixed in with the cringe made the show palatable to American tastes.

Starting in 2021, all nine seasons of The Office will be exclusively available on Peacock, NBC's upcoming streaming service. Netflix subscribers have the next eight months to binge-watch a comedy classic about the indignities and humiliations of modern life. Here are the Top 25 episodes of The Office.