When we were kids, you couldn't relive shit like you can now, with mini computers at your disposal 24/7. At best, you had a VHS film collection, but you couldn't just thrown on, like, season 3, episode 4 of Cheers or whatever. Nope, you had to wait around for reruns like an asshole. Shit was hard. But now the Internet allows us an unending supply of nostalgia for things that weren't even that long ago. That's exactly why we keep doing these "...of our childhood" posts, because you suckers will always read them. Also, it keeps gross olds from reading our site and asking stupid questions like, "What's a ski-pole job?" Um, it's a girl sitting between two dudes, giving each a handski, like ski poles, possibly in the back row of a movie theater, Mom, now go back to reading the AOL news page.

Unfortunately, Netflix seems to have lost a lot of the classic shows and movies: the OG Batman cartoon series, Spider Man, Gargoyles, etc, which I didn't know when I pitched this idea. But it's all good because the absence of mainstream picks allowed me to bring a couple deep cuts still streaming to your attention. Add these gems to your queue and travel back to a time when someone else bought all your food. Enjoy the nostalgia with the best kids movies on Netflix right now.